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You can also do barbecue in a garden
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Mukai sake brwery
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Owl House

☆Price (1 person / 1 night)☆

Without Meals:Adult 3,500 yen/Kids 2,400 yen

Dinner and Breakfast:Adult 6,900 yen/Kids 5,800 yen

Breakfast:Adult 4,300 yen/Kids 3,200 yen


*Kids = 7 ~ 15 years old

*One room can accomodate up to 6 people.

*Bathroom and toilet will be shared with other guests.

*In both dinner and breakfast, you can enjoy

    local fresh seafoods and vegetables!

*Please prepare basic needs like towel, toothbrush, and so on, by yorself.




10,800 yen / 1 cabin / 1 night


*You can rent a whole cabin for 10,800 yen.

*One cabin has 4 beds.

*Each cabin is equipped with a small kitchen, bathroom, and toilet.

*Please prepare basic needs like towel, toothbrush, and so on, by yorself.

*You can have dinner and breakfast at Owl House.

    (Dinner 2,800 yen, Breakfast 800 yen)

    Booking beforehand would be appreciated.



1,000 yen / 1 block (3m × 3m) / 1 night


*You can rent various kinds of tents for extra charge.

*You can use shower room in Shiogiri So for 300 yen.

*You can have dinner and breakfast at Owl House.

    (Dinner 2,800 yen, Breakfast 800 yen)

    Booking beforehand would be appreciated.



Please send us a message via below form.

We'll send you back a reply within 1 day.





238-14, Kamiseya, Miyazu shi, Kyoto


Tel: 0772-27-1471

-How to access from Kyoto- 

You will take JR express train 'Hashidate' from Kyoto to Miyazu, and then, take a local bus called Tankai bus(丹海バス)from Miyazu to Hioki bus stop.
It takes about 2 hours from Kyoto to the Owl House.
It costs 3810 yen for JR express 'Hashidate', and it costs 400 yen for the bus.

Timetable from Kyoto station to Kamiseya bus station:

Depart from Kyoto: 9:25 ~ Arrive at Miyazu: 11:15 
(JR express 'Hashidate 1') 
Depart from Miyazu: 11:18 ~ Arrive at Hioki: 12:06 
(Tankai bus)
Depart from Hioki: 12:24 ~ Arrive at Taiken Jissyukan Mae(Siogirisou) : 13:13 
(Tankai bus)

Depart from Kyoto: 10:25 ~ Arrive at Miyazu: 12:22 
(JR express 'Hashidate 3') 
Depart from Miyazu: 13:30 ~ Arrive at Hioki: 14:18 
(Tankai bus)
Depart from Hioki: 14:44 ~ Arrive at Kamiseya: 15:00 
(Tankai bus)

Depart from Kyoto: 12:25 ~ Arrive at Miyazu: 14:20 
(JR express 'Hashidate') 
Depart from Miyazu: 15:40 ~ Arrive at Hioki: 16:25 
(Tankai bus)
Depart from Hioki: 16:49 ~ Arrive at Kamiseya: 17:25 
(Tankai bus)


Depart from Kyoto: 15:25 ~ Arrive at Miyazu: 17:16 
(JR express 'Hashidate') 
Depart from Miyazu: 18:00 ~ Arrive at Hioki: 18:45 
(Tankai bus)

We will pick you up at the Hioki or Kamiseya bus stop!
It costs 400 yen per person to pick you up at the Hioki bus stop.
It costs free to pick you up at the Kamiseya bus stop.

From Miyazu station, you will take 'Tankai' bus.

When you get off the train and go through ticket gate, you will easily find bus stop.

TEL: 0772-27-1471

E-MAIL: seyakogen@gmail.com

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